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CAD-KAS Paper Wallet Generator icon Generates secure paper wallets that allows the secure storage of Bitcoin and Litecoin, as well as two Bitcoin and Litecoin forks

A paper wallet is a pair of keys, one public and one private, that can be used to store virtual coins in the long term. It acts as an offline deposit for coins and can be created either using a dedicated online service or a desktop application, such as CAD-KAS Paper Wallet Generator.

Create paper wallets for Litecoin, Bitcoin, and forks of the two virtual coins

Working with CAD-KAS Paper Wallet Generator is not difficult, giving that its one-window interface has a user-friendly layout with intuitive options.

You can select the target coin from a drop-down list. CAD-KAS Paper Wallet Generator comes with support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and two forks of the two popular virtual coins, namely Bitcoin Reference Lines (BRECO) and Reference Line Coin (RECO).

Generates public and private keys for your wallet

Generating a new wallet only takes the click of a button. Each paper wallet generates long and complex strings to act as a public key and two private keys. The public key is used for receiving coins in the wallet, the first private key is needed to spend coins, while the second private key is required to decrypt the reference line, if the virtual coin forks are selected.

A preview of the paper wallet is displayed immediately, and the three keys are shown as text and as QR codes. With a single click, CAD-KAS Paper Wallet Generator enables you to print the paper wallet on paper.

Deposit Bitcoin, Litecoin, BRECO, and RECO into a paper wallet

With a name that speaks for itself, CAD-KAS Paper Wallet Generator can create paper wallets for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Reference Lines (BRECO) and Reference Line Coin (RECO). It is a locally-stored desktop application that can be used as an alternative to online generators.

Generate paper wallet Bitcoin wallet Litecoin wallet Wallet Bitcoin Litecoin Bitcoin Reference line

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CAD-KAS Paper Wallet Generator 1.0

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