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Chromas Lite icon Analyze chromatograms in great detail, view a list of peaks and print out projects with the help of this intuitive software application

Chromas Lite is a handy and reliable application designed to read chromatogram files generated by sequencers from Amersham MegaBace and Applied Biosystems. The software is able to process and export sequences without altering the original form of the data.

Enough features to get you started

Chromas Lite is the stripped down version of Chromas and ChromasPro, which feature support for a wider range of formats and more advanced analysis options. Even though it lacks some of the complex algorithms that the latter provide, Chromas Lite sports just the right amount of capabilities to win users over.

Quick accommodation due to the friendly interface

With a simple, yet user-friendly interface, the application concentrates all of its features in a few compact menus and a toolbar that offers access to its most important functions. The list of supported input formats includes ABI, AB1, SCF, ESD and RDF, which are chromatogram file types produced by the aforementioned companies.

Analyze and export chromatograms

Once projects are open, users will have access to sequences, peaks and a variety of options that include exporting, printing, copying and reversing chromatograms. In addition, it is also possible to search for sequences via a procedure that involves matching redundant codes.

The sequences can be exported to text and FASTA format or saved in SCF or Applied Biosystems format. Also, you can copy data to the clipboard if you want to directly paste it into a third-party application. Chromas Lite is also able to process genotyping files, for which it can display a list of peaks, which can be later exported to CSV format.

In conclusion

To sum up, Chromas Lite can make the day of any scientist involved in chromatogram projects. It’s light, simple, easy-to-use and sports the basic features that a professional needs to inspect sequences and genotyping data.

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Chromas Lite was reviewed by Andreea Matei
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Chromas Lite 2.1.1

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